Poetry by Jenna Plewes

A Thin Place

a hand-span measure    where time dissolves
in a turquoise sea

a cell where your mind squeezes through bars
spirals the thermals

here ideas hatch like midges in sunlight    wind
indifferent to everything but itself

will temper you    silence will free you from explanations
and excuses    the chill of rippled sand

will teach your naked feet to walk with tenderness
across the thin-skinned earth

this place is a heart-squeeze of finding and losing
where you will walk the machair

try to snare a singing bird    cage it and learn its song

where you must set it free.




Machair in bloom   the shy birds come   
a scrap of song   rasp and turn of rusty cogs

not beautiful    but rare

just once would be enough -

so many things are precious in the leaving and the letting go
I listen for the wheeze and winding of a small brown bird,

against the pull of time


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